Dopaliscious 1.1: Jay Z – Reasonable Doubt

Can’t Knock the Hustle: “Ice on the gold” – Full Nelson Pale Ale

Can’t Knock the Hustle: “More at stake than Philly– Philly Cheesesteak Slider

Politics as Usual: “When it comes to this cheese, you’re like three blind mice” – 3 Cheese Fried Mac n’ Cheese Bites w/ “Mambo” Sauce

Dead Presidents II: “…bet us that we don’t touch lettuce” – Thai Veggie Lettuce Wrap

Feelin’ It/D’Evils: “Feelin’ It”/“Liquor’s invading my kidneys” – City Gin & True Tonic

22 Two’s: “Fish in a pool of sharks” – Sea Bass & Rockfish Soup

Ain’t No Nigga: “Half Black & Filipino” – Collard Green Lumpia 

Friend or Foe/Coming of Age: “Head back to Kansas”/“Bubble quietly” – Kansas City Sous Vide BBQ Ribs

Cashmere Thoughts: “Cold like December” – Sweet Walter Red

Bring it On/Regrets: “In a whip with dinero, I cream + …in hell keeping it cozy” – Chocolate Pudding w/ Basil Whipped Cream