Chef Brent Hughes is an engineering consultant by day and a chef by night. While technology does allow for some creativity, the culinary arts are where Chef Hughes found his passion and inspiration to start building his skills in the kitchen. To aid in this effort Chef Hughes studied techniques at L’Academie De Cuisine under Chef Patrice Olivon. After several years of doing events for friends and family Chef Hughes realized this hobby was turning in to something more and decided to start Hughes Foods, Inc. 

Chef Hughes held an idea of using music as an inspiration for a multi-course menu for years. The opportunity to bring this to fruition came about in 2015 while with Chef Oliver Friendly at Eat & Smile Catering. Chef Oliver and his staff started The Bespoke Kitchen and Chef Hughes shared the thought of doing a menu based on Outkast’s debut album, SouthernPlayalistiCadillacMuzic and The Dopaliscious was born. 

Chef Hughes has decided to focus his business solely on creating more Dopaliscious opportunities to share his passion and creativity with the goal of creating a variety of unique, inspired, culinary experiences for people across the globe.

Chef Brent Hughes is originally from Lynchburg, VA and currently resides in South East DC, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, an MBA from George Washington University, and is married to Aisha L. Moore. Hughes Foods, Inc is also a proud member of the Union Kitchen DC community.